The Health and Wellness Box


The beauty of and benefits of CBD come from the various ways the cannabinoid is able to interact with our native endocannabinoid systems. Case studies have found CBD to help alleviate an array of bodily problems such as inflammation, soreness, stiffness, and on the more psychological side the plant has been known to help soothe stress and anxiety.

Take the stress away with our relaxing and therapeutic muscle spray, salve, premium hemp tincture, and tasty gummies that melt away the day’s noise.

What's Inside?

  • (1) Hempquarters Inc. CBD Hemp Muscle Spray
  • (1) Hempquarters Inc. Muscle Salve
  • (1) Hempquarters Inc. 1500mg Hemp Oil Drops
  • (1) Hempquarters Inc. Extra Strength Gummy Bears (100mg CBD per gummy)