The General CBD Box

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Want a little taste of everything we have to offer? Our general box covers all the bases beautifully giving you a little taste of the various ways that CBD products can help you. Included in this bundle is our: Hemp pain relief salve that is non-greasy and strips away the pain and inflammation from whatever area it is applied to, three pre-rolls prime and ready to be smoked alone or with friends, tasty edible gummies that will have you forgetting any pains or ailments in your body and have you feeling relaxed and ready to tackle anything, and lastly a very high end CBD cartridge fused with tasty terpenes for a convenient way to get your CBD on the go.

What's Inside?

  • (3) Hempquarters Inc. Premium Hemp Flower Pre-rolls
  • (1) 1000mg Concrete Concentrates CBD Cartridge
  • (1) Hempquarters Inc. CBD Gummy Pack
  • (1) Hempquarters Inc. Muscle Salve