The Dab Box

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Are you a concentrate connoisseur? Then look no further than the golden valley of flavor that The Dab Box has to offer. Featured in this box are three tasty 1000mg Concrete Concentrates CBD cartridges combined with premium terpenes and encapsulated by a High End Dabzation cartridge, really taste the flavor of CBD oil now!

A 1ml glass premium distillate syringe that can be used to fill up an empty tank with, placed onto your favorite joints/blunts, or even dispensed straight onto a nail and dabbed. Lastly 1g of premium CBD budder wax that was blasted utilizing our very own hemp flavor.

What's Inside?

  • (2) 1000mg Concrete Concentrate CBD's Cartridges
  • (1) 1g Concrete Concentrates Budder Wax
  • (1) 1000mg Distillate Syringe