USDA Organic Sour CBG

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The infamous Hemp flower that HempQuarter’s holds is the CBG strain. This flower tests high in CBGa at 18%, CBG stands for cannabigerol. While there are specific details in the process on how cannabinoids work, CBG is one that is used for its medicinal benefits. CBG has a wide range of potential problem solvers as users are applying their ways in therapy, as an antidepressant, for preventing disorders in the stomach, inflammation, etc. The future for CBG is very promising and is presenting tons of exciting research for scientists.


The CBG flower is premium quality boutique style flower. The flower is covered in trichomes as if it were submerged into snow frost. It has an extremely aromatic aroma that tickles the nose hairs with its potent classic herb smelling sweetness. 


  • 18% CBG
  • <0.1% THC
  • USDA Organic
  • Boutique Premium Quality Flower
  • Hand-Trimmed Manufacturing
  • Best Choice