High End Dabzation Bundle Pack w/ Ceramic Empties

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Brand: High End Dabzation

The ultimate bundle to get you started with filling, pressing, and sealing your High End Dabzation cartridges!

We specifically designed our cartridges to utilize our in house ceramic heating technology and took extra preventative measures to ensure leaks never occur. Our carts are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring that oils especially of high viscosity are uniformly burnt and the full flavor of the terpene profile is released ultimately enhancing the concentrate. We believe it’s our responsibility to provide high performance state-of-the-art solutions, allowing extractors to focus on their craft and leaving the hardware to us. At High End Dabzation, it’s our passion to design, develop and manufacture vaporization technologies exclusively for the natural plant-derived extractor & consumer.

Finding consistent, reliable, high quality hardware in today's market is tough which is why we treat everyday at our business as Day 1. We never stop experimenting and we never stop trying to be better. We believe in the benefits the end user is experiencing with our cartridges which is why we have a tremendous amount of pride in producing only the finest hardware for the ever evolving vape and cannabis industries. Our carts are designed specifically for today’s high viscosity extracts, giving the producer a proven and reliable solution to deliver their product.

Fill, Press, and Seal. Pressurized carts are one time two piece press and seal carts that grip together tightly ensuring zero leaks ever occur. Of course as a note, please try to avoid leaving the cart in the heat. This has been known to cause leaks across all oil cartridges.

Unlike anything on the market we designed our press to be very compact and easy to use. Simply place the cart in proper fitting in the base (either 0.5mL or 1mL), place the plastic tip on top of the oil chamber, pull the press handle down until you hear a slight click, and VOILA what you'll be looking at is a perfectly pressed and sealed cart ready for use or distribution. Throw out the big and bulky arbor press or the terrible rubber mallet and towel method and get yourself a compact and easy to use press today!

Cart Specifications:

M6T Cart Pressed-In Mouth Piece

Ceramic Heating Coil - Plastic Tank

Tank Volume: 0.5mL, 0.8mL, or 1mL

Resistance: 1.4ohm

Hole Size: 2.0mm

Standard 510 Thread

Dimensions: 10.5x62/10.5x52(mm)

As always all of our empty cartridges are laboratory tested for safety and quality assurance.

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