Hemp Flower 0.5g Pre-Rolls (20pc)

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There are levels of quality when it comes to hemp joints. If you’re looking for significant doses of CBD, you’ll need a CBD pre-roll that contains high-quality hemp bud—not just any old hemp. All of our CBD joints happen to be relatively high in CBD and are ready to take you away on a blissful cloud of relaxation.

There is some degree of trust involved with buying pre-rolls, since you’re most likely not going to unroll it and look inside. The CBD joints we produce are always made with high-grade premium hemp flower that is finely ground and rolled to perfection by the hands of a rolling expert.

Our CBD hemp joints are verified through independent lab testing, which you can view by scanning the 'qr-code' on the outside of all of our packaging. This allows you to verify that each pre-roll contains the purported amount of CBD and zero THC. It also provides an overview of the terpene and cannabinoid content, which can give you an idea as to what your experience is going to be like.