Posted by Hempquarters Inc. on 29th Oct 2020

Edibles vs. Flower vs. Concentrates vs. Soda? What's Next.

Question: Where is the cannabis industry at today and where do we think it’s going?

It seems like all you had to do was blink and before you knew it there were an entire retail store's worth of products running around in the cannabis industry simply waiting to be the next product that you tried. And thus the dispensary was born...with a little help from the ever slow and subtle legalization of marijuana which unfortunately still isn’t quite where we citizens of America want it to be. But, to much attest I am forever grateful that I can now legally walk into a local shop and satisfy what my mind and heart want: that beautiful green bud.


There are literally thousands of different types of cannabis products out there, if you were once a delicious food enjoyed by the everyday human then more than likely you have now been infused with some high grade THC and re-distributed back to the stoner market, aka the chillest place to be.

We have oil cartridges, various forms of concentrates (shatters, budder, diamonds), edibles of every flavor, beverages, obviously flour, rubs, sprays, you name it it now has thc in it. And I am not complaining one bit at all. So with that being said where do we think the market is headed next? Before we get into that I think we should first look at where the industry has been in the last decade, where it is today, and where I believe it will be in the next decade.

I think it’s very safe to say that flower has dominated the cannabis industry over the past...well since its inception. Though there were other forms to consume such as hash oils they weren’t a very popular form of consumption nor convenient as the advent of the ‘dab rig’ didn’t come until around 2007. The domination of flower lead to all the wonderful inventions such as the blunt, cross-joint, spliff, cannagar, etc…

BUT we have seen a change over the past 10 years that has converted the consumer from a flower connoisseur to a concentrate connoisseur. The convenience plus potency of concentrates has enabled user to experience a more powerful high with smaller doses and even on-the-go with the introduction of ceramic cartridges and the fast growing vaporization industry. Furthermore, adult and senior users are enjoying concentrates because they come without the typical loud skunk smell that dank flower carries. And it is expected that by the year 2025 concentrates will comprise of 50% of all marijuana sales. So what’s next on deck?

From what we’ve been hearing and reading lately thc/cbd infused beverages are becoming the next big craze within the industry. And beyond just your everyday sodas and juices that are being infused we are also seeing alcoholic beverages being mixed with thc and served in one convenient can giving the consumer what I would presume is a cocktail crafted to relax you into euphoria.

What products are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!