Posted by Hempquarters Inc. on 29th Oct 2020

Can I Trust My Local CBD Company?

CBD products have flooded the consumer market recently with products ranging from edibles, topical lotions, bath products, even treats for your pet. Take a look on Amazon to find the right CBD and thousands of results appear. With new products showing up on your local store shelves and new internet ads appearing daily, how can we trust that it’s a good source or CBD at all?

Recently the federal government legalized Hemp which allows the entire retail and food industry to create and sell unregulated CBD products. With stores and online retailers suddenly introducing CBD as a new health fad, how can consumers tell a product is actual CBD or some corner-cutting alternative? Cheap imposters are out there, meant to trick the unknowing consumer into dosing on heavy metals any other dangerous additives.

It’s not difficult to find articles online about deceptive practices by businesses claiming to sell healing CBD. Unfortunately counterfeiting isn’t difficult to do. This Leafly article explains some of the investigations into fraudulent sales of mislabeled CBD.Leafly News.

Due to recent legalization but no FDA regulations on how CBD is sold or labeled it’s difficult to track or even identify which products are legitimate and which are counterfeit. There are a few ways to guarantee that the CBD you’re purchasing is legitimate.

  1. Lab Testing

Purchase CBD only from companies that utilize independent lab testing. The results should be easily available and from a separate independent lab, not from within the company itself. The lab results are either entirely displayed on the label or with a code that is easy for you to access and understand.

  1. Get What You Pay For

CBD is not the cheapest health alternative, and it’s for a good reason. Growing quality hemp, isolating CBD and extraction from the plant is a process that is labor intensive and cost money. Paying a third party to test your product before it hits the shelves, adds to the price as well. Look for a brand that puts the effort to deliver you only the purest product.

  1. Do Your Own Research

Taking a new supplement? Health experts recommend getting expert advice first. Make sure any health concerns, current medications, or allergies are cleared with your health professional before starting a new supplement or vitamin regardless of its health benefits or lack of contraindications. Be safe and do your research.

I recommend for information about CBD and Hemp vs Cannabis.

When deciding on any new lifestyle change take into consideration not only the quality of the CBD but the reputation of the company itself. Do your body a favor and only purchase CBD that will benefit your body and mind.