About Us

Why Hempquarters Inc?

Our main mission at Hempquarters Inc. is to produce the highest quality products in the ever evolving and exciting hemp industry. We believe in the amazing benefits that hemp and CBD products can offer. Which is why we put a tremendous amount of pide into our products. All of this is possible due to the amount of research the team here at Hempquarters Inc. does to make sure our products meet this standard. With this research, we are able to provide WeedCon Award Winning Products out to the consumer! 

Not only do we make sure that our hemp derived products are top of the line, we also make sure that our vape hardware matches our meticulously high standards as well. Which is why we partnered with High End Dabzation an industry leader in the vape and cannabis packaging industry. Their cartridges are the FIRST led free cartridge on the market plus they are always experimenting and continually striving to make their products better and better. 

Our processing facility is the last piece of the puzzle and the most important one because it’s where all of our beautiful CBD creations come to life. Our lab features a team of processors who have practiced their craft for years and deliberately follow all safety protocols and procedures to ensure we are only ever distributing the highest quality products that are true to their label and bring a substantial amount of value and relief to the lives of our customers. From idea to final physical product ready for distribution our internal quality control system completely mitigates all risk of cross contamination and ensures that each product is true to its label, potent, and clean.

We are proud of the work we have done so far and excited about the future here at Hempquarters Inc. We look forward to exceeding our standards for years to come!


We understand the lack of transparency that exists in the market so we make sure to be fully transparent with all customers by answering every question! Make sure to contact our live representatives with any questions or email us at contactus@hempquartersinc.com.